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About us
HEFEI BAUFAR POWER TECHNIQUE CO., LTD. Is dedicated to the research and application of clean energy, mainly in business of manufacturing and marketing of off-road gas engines, gasifying of forklift diesel engines. Our self-developed dual-fuel engine is the perfect combination of Multi-point EFI gasoline technology.and Gas Electronic Control Technology, which has passed the strict tests of Anhui Heli Forklift Group, No.1 forklift manufacturer of China.
We have developed many firsts in China:
The first forklift Multi-point EFI Gasoline Engine;
The first forklift Electronic Control LPG/LNG/CNG Single-fuel Engine;
The first CNG+Multi-point EFI Gasoline Engine (Dual Fuel);
And The first LPG+Multi-point EFI Gasoline Engine (Dual Fuel).