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JAC 493 HF4DA1-G

1、Power system: higher torque, more powerful, better accelaration performance; the forklift traveling and liftingspeed willbe faster

2、Economy: lower oil consumption rate, environmental-friendly

3、Reliability: stable performance, longer working life. By adopting the worldwide advanced casting line form Spain, precision machine tool and cutting-tool form Germany, the quality of the Engine Body and the Cylinder Head is sufficiently guarantied.

4、Easy Maintenance: the engine adopts dry-type Cylinder Liner structure. That means the Cylinder Liner will not meet water directly. Therefore, oncethere is adnormal friction and damage, it’s very easy to change the Cylinder Liner and the cost canbe largely saved.

5、Advanced fuel injection system: the fuel system is equipped with P-series dual spring Japanese fuel infectors and VE pump manufactured by German BOSCH, which make the injection more precise and reliable.

Especially, the VE pump, with high pressure at the pump end and precise injection, suits the high-speed dieselengine, making the oil consumption more economical.

6、ExcellentWarm-up system: the adopting of warm-up system makes the engine hasa better cold-start performance at low temperature and makes it adjusting to the various harsh working environment in different areas.(the temperature can beenhanced to 850 within 10 seconds only)

7、 The spare parts are universal, thus can be easily bought and replaced. The maintenance cost lower.

8、 Hitachi Motor