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Hefei BAUFAR Power Technique Co.,Ltd., founded in 2012, specializes in R&D, manufacturing, and marketing of Energy Storage System. Our products line includes residential Energy Storage Battery, and Portable Power Station. Also, we design and supply Solar Systems to customers. BAUFAR has passed factory systems and product certifications like ISO9001, UN38.3, MSDS, TUV certificates, etc. BAUFAR insist on the value of “reliable, professional and win-win”, - the goal is to help our customers save money by making their homes more energy-efficient through our reliable and professional energy solutions. We made it our purpose to let our customers and partners worldwide to enjoy a clean, reliable and affordable energy future and we believe that BAUFAR is the best partner to provide you with the smart power energy system solutions. You are also welcome to be our global agent!      
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Chinese government : adopt distributed energy storage,
Chinese government : adopt distributed energy storage, "photovoltaic + energy storage" and other models to promote diversification of energy supply
On January 17, six departments including the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology issued guidance on promoting the development of the energy electronics industry. The opinion proposes to improve the supply capacity of solar photovoltaic and new energy storage batteries. Accelerate innovation breakthroughs in smart photovoltaics, develop high-purity silicon materials and large-size silicon wafer technologies, support the production of high-efficiency and low-cost crystalline silicon cells, and promote the R&D and application of advanced technologies such as N-type high-efficiency cells, flexible thin-film cells, perovskite and laminated cells , to enhance mass production capacity. Encourage the development of advanced and applicable smart photovoltaic modules, and develop key components such as smart inverters, controllers, combiner boxes, and tracking systems. Strengthen the technological breakthroughs in the industrialization of new energy storage batteries, and promote the large-scale application of advanced energy storage technologies and products. Research breakthroughs in key technologies such as ultra-long-life and high-safety battery systems, large-scale, large-capacity and high-efficiency energy storage, and mobile energy storage for vehicles, and accelerate the development of new types of batteries such as solid-state batteries, sodium-ion batteries, and hydrogen energy storage/fuel cells.   Put the promotion of new energy development in a more prominent position, actively and orderly develop light energy, silicon energy, hydrogen energy, and renewable energy, and promote the coordinated development of the upstream and downstream of the energy electronics industry chain and supply chain to form a dynamic and balanced benign industrial ecology. Guide the balanced development of solar photovoltaic, energy storage technology and products, and avoid overcapacity and vicious competition.   Explore the integration application path of photovoltaics and new energy vehicles. Promote the R&D and application of roof and wall photovoltaic systems, develop household photovoltaic storage ultra-micro power stations, and promote the integrated application of photovoltaics, energy storage batteries and building materials. Promote the composite development of photovoltaic power generation such as agriculture-solar complementarity and fishery-solar complementarity, encourage the exploration of new business models for photovoltaic agriculture, increase farmers' income, and support rural revitalization and common prosperity.   Adopt distributed energy storage, "photovoltaic + energy storage" and other models to promote the diversification of energy supply, and improve the application level of energy electronic products in new infrastructure fields such as 5G base stations and new energy vehicle charging piles.   The original text is as follows:   Guiding Opinions of Six Departments including the Ministry of Industr...
  • 132023-01
    In 2023, China's photovoltaic industry will conduct a round of elimination
    Looking back at the overall photovoltaic market trend in 2022, there will be more twists and turns and tests. Behind this, the fierce competition in the price of the industrial chain, the continuous stream of cross-border photovoltaic companies, the unstoppable vertical integration of leading companies, and the accelerated iteration of N-type photovoltaic cell technology. In 2022, the photovoltaic industry will grow rapidly, making enterprises inside and outside the industry full of confidence in the development of photovoltaics. Zhong Baoshen, chairman of LONGi Green Energy, talked about the new changes in the photovoltaic industry this year, "Enterprises in the industry have expanded their production on a large scale. I believe that the opportunities brought about by growth today will also become opportunities tomorrow when the growth rate slows down." Risks in the future.” The leaders of many leading photovoltaic companies, including Zhong Baoshen, believe that the photovoltaic industry will continue to grow in 2023. From the data point of view, China's photovoltaic industry will make history in 2022: the newly installed capacity will break through a new high, and the output value of the entire industry will increase significantly. After years of accelerated running, a new round of knockout competition in the photovoltaic industry has begun. From 80GW to 100GW: The demand ceiling has not yet arrived. What is the scale of newly installed photovoltaic capacity in China in 2022? Although the official data has not yet been released, it is certain that this will be a record number. According to the data of the National Energy Administration, from January to November 2022, China's newly installed photovoltaic capacity is 65.71GW, which has exceeded the whole year of 2021. Combined with the information at the National Energy Work Conference in 2023: the new installed capacity of wind power and photovoltaics in 2022 is expected to exceed 120GW, which means that the new installed capacity of photovoltaics in the whole year will exceed 80GW.   As a typical cyclical industry, after experiencing the trough in 2018, the domestic photovoltaic industry has taken an accelerated pace since 2019. At the same time, the incremental structure is also undergoing subtle changes. In 2019, the ratio of new installed capacity of centralized photovoltaics to distributed photovoltaics is close to 6:4. But by the end of the first three quarters of 2022, this ratio structure has changed to 3:7. It is also predicted that in the whole year of 2022, the new installed capacity of distributed photovoltaic and centralized photovoltaic in my country will reach 51GW and 40GW respectively. For two consecutive years, distribution has become the main force driving the growth of photovoltaic demand. The visible increase in installed capacity means that in the past few years, my country's photovoltaic industry has no worries about demand. The increase in volume has also led ...
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  • 042023-01
    Sinopec released its medium and long-term outlook on energy: After 2040, natural gas will be replaced by electricity and hydrogen energy, and photovoltaics will become the largest power source
    On December 28, Sinopec officially released the "China Energy Outlook 2060" in Beijing. This is the first time that Sinopec publicly released the results related to the medium and long-term energy outlook. Research results show that China's primary energy consumption is expected to peak in 2030-2035, with a peak value of about 6.03 billion tons of standard coal, and drop to about 5.6 billion tons of standard coal in 2060. It is estimated that China's carbon emissions related to energy activities will peak before 2030 , after excluding the carbon sequestration part of raw material energy consumption, the peak value is about 9.9 billion tons, which will drop to 1.7 billion tons in 2060, and carbon neutrality will be achieved through CCUS and carbon sinks. The research results provide new ideas, new perspectives, and new methods for the scientific planning of the future development of my country's energy industry.     "China Energy Outlook 2060" pointed out that under the coordinated development scenario of China's energy transformation, the development of natural gas will experience a period of steady growth, a period of carbon peaking, a period of steady peaking and a period of steady decline. It is estimated that in 2025, the demand for natural gas will be 430 billion cubic meters, with an average annual growth rate of 5%; in 2030, the demand for natural gas will be 519 billion cubic meters, with an average annual growth rate of 4%; in 2040, the demand for natural gas will be 615.5 billion cubic meters, with an average annual growth rate of 1.7 %, natural gas consumption reaches its peak. After 2040, natural gas will be replaced by electricity and hydrogen. With the technological progress of photovoltaic power generation, the improvement of system efficiency, the reduction of cost, and the improvement of power grid consumption capacity, photovoltaic will go through the stage of accelerated deployment and the stage of comprehensive development. Around 2040, it will become the largest power source.     "China Energy Outlook 2060" is an important research achievement of Sinopec Research Institute of Economics and Technology. Starting from the analysis of the historical relationship between energy consumption and economic, social and industrial development, the book analyzes the historical laws of energy development and the key factors affecting energy transformation from four aspects: economic development, social evolution, technological progress, and policy guidance, and studies and judges the main influences. Based on the development trend of factors and the development process of energy transformation, the concept system of "energy balance triangle" is proposed, and based on the dynamic balance of energy triangle, looking forward to the path of my country's energy transformation, and constructing three energy transformations of security challenges, green urgency, and coordinated development development scenario. Based on model...
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  • 312022-12
    Baufar acquires a new energy company in Hangzhou to enter the household energy storage market
    Hefei Baufar Power Technique Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Hefei Baufar ) entered the household energy storage market by acquiring high-quality assets of a new energy storage company in Hangzhou in October 2022 , and its products will directly face overseas markets.     The Hangzhou New Energy Company is a wholly-owned limited liability company in China of a foreign listed company registered in 2014 with a registered capital of 100 million yuan. The company is mainly engaged in the R&D and manufacturing integration of battery packs, energy storage systems, high and low voltage complete sets of electrical equipment. Focus on the development of safe, reliable, stable and efficient energy storage systems, and at the same time carry out technical consultation, service and transfer in the field of energy storage technology. Key application areas for system products include electric vehicles and energy storage. The new energy company has a vigorous team of outstanding talents, most of whom come from domestic and foreign first-class universities and leading companies in the battery industry, with many years of relevant work experience and rich practical experience.   Through this acquisition of high-quality assets, Hefei Baufar has completed the zero start of the new household energy storage track, which will help the company to expand from the construction machinery supporting market to the overseas user market. It is reported that this acquisition is another major decision based on the wholly-owned acquisition of a local photovoltaic new energy company in Hefei in 2021.The Hefei Local Photovoltaic New Energy Company is the general contractor who implements the whole process of design, procurement and construction of Hefei Photovoltaic EPC engineering construction project. At present, the business of the photovoltaic company has been carried out smoothly.   Hefei Baufar's vision is to help people build a self-sufficient new energy ecosystem by offering high-quality renewable energy products. We look forward to the joint efforts of colleagues in the industry to strengthen the standard construction of household energy storage products, and help the development of energy storage industry and the improvement of product manufacturing level. Develop a new pattern of portable energy storage industry, collaborative innovation, win-win! Jointly help the transformation and reform of the electric power industry!
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